Contract Agreement

Greenbroke Stall Mat
Rental Agreement

All stall mat renters must agree that the rented stall mats will be returned in the same condition and appearance as when rented. Renters agree to pay for any damages to the stall mats, including the cost of replacing the stall mats. If the stall mats are missing or unaccounted for at the time of pick up, then the renter agrees to be charged for the cost of mat replacement.

Once the stall mats have been rented and they are in your possession, any damages, theft, loss or failure to account for is your responsibility. The release of your responsibilities will only end when you check out of your stall here on our website; you can also email or call Lisa at (478) 952-6251.

Prior to leaving the show, you must check out with your stall # so we can secure the mats. Failure to do so will make you liable for any stolen or missing mats.

As the renter of the stall mats, I agree to rent the stall mats for the dates of the selected show. If the stall mats are damaged, lost, stolen, or if I fail to notify Greenbroke Stall Mat Rental prior to the date of departure at check out, or (478) 952-6251 to collect the mats, I agree to purchase the mats at $300 per stall rented and agree to charge my credit card used for rental.

Orders are per stall, not per mat.

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